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leverage the expertise of our consultants

as they unpack your engagement reality, risks and opportunities using the Rebel Formula to research, engage and connect significance with all your stakeholders

As Engagement Specialists we understand the complexities around the what, where, how, when and why of Engagement?

We also understand that sometimes it is difficult to see the wood for the trees and you need help.    Our consulting team are Engagement specialists and and powered by one result.  Offsetting the investment made in working with us to generate increased profit. 

We have leveraged the global opportunities that have presented themselves and created hybrid consulting models that we introduce around a carefully constructed break through process designed to introduce change through our 1% habit shifts.

Engagement is a subject but your stakeholders are humans.  Creating wins for both you and your stakeholders reflects in your profit.  No more no less.  It is not something that you can hide - it is your measure of how significantly stakeholder engagement is entrenched in your culture.

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Do any of these statements resonate?

"We are not reaching our sales targets and when we sit with our sales team they talk about the inability of operations to deliver, when we sit with operations they talk about sales not knowing what they are selling.  It is the same between other departments - a culture of blame which we have to stop."

"There is a glass wall between us and our customers.  We do the calls, we market, we have the right products (we think) and yet we are not signing deals.  We hear from our suppliers that the talk is that we are disengaged.  Honestly we know we have had some challenges but we need to get to the bottom of it."

"We have had global audits done around competitors, about shifting pain points in our industry yet we are not able to get any momentum in order to get ahead of the industry and start leading from the front."

These are all “verbatim pain points

from humans that Rebel Consult have helped shift their engagement to create real solutions.  All their challenges were created due to lack of significant engagement.  

So if you resonate in full or just partially you are not alone.

This is a space that the Rebels are comfortable in.  We have been where you are, we have experienced the overwhelm which is why we developed the Rebel Formula which is our framework that we apply with every single customer,


The framework is underpinned by our Rebel Formula - which is the result of 50+ years of engagement experience 

Very simply our goal is to get you producing the profit you need to establish and sustain your business whilst creating significant stakeholder engagement.


so why a formula

We know that people and their situations are unique

Some people will be at the beginning of their Engagement journey, others will be undoing part of their Engagement journey and changing direction, some will be auditing their Engagement as it currently stands.  

Some people will be part of large corporations responsible for large budgets.  Some people will be solopreneurs and have limited resources.  Other people will have limited knowledge but have a  mission to learn.

The hard truth is that significant stakeholder engagement is reflected in the profits that you declare.  

It is the measure of how significantly you are engaging with your stakeholders!

So we set ourselves a challenge to not waste time and resources trying to create a unique process when we have tested our formula over and over again and achieved the results.  

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the benefits of our consultants

  • Our consultants use our Rebel Formula to define their approach.  This has been designed to be agile and borrowing a term from tech - we use an iterative approach.

  • We move, we check, we test, we adapt, we share, we define, we investigate, we motivate always reaching for the solutions.
  • We never do a project from start to finish without regular customer updates.  We share, we raise flags, we identify and motivate opportunities to ensure that the value kicks in as early in the process as possible.
  • We define the finding using our 1% Habit that starts looking for the little changes that can start happeneing immediately that all add up to the 100% win. 
  • We always challenge - that is our role.  It is to take you into the uncomfortable spaces understanding that change for stakeholders is a challenge for many but required by all.

  • We present what we uncover along with strategies to embrace the good and redirect the other.

  • We keep it simple.  Very simply your win defines our win.  An increase in profit. 

the solutions

stakeholder audits

Bespoke stakeholder audits (on the human side of your business) designed around pain points identified using a Stakeholder Engagement Journey underpinned by the rebel formula to deliver outcomes supported both results and proposed strategic solutions identified through the audit. 


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market audits

Bespoke product and services audits (on the customer needs side of your business) designed around pain points identified using a Product Engagement Journey underpinned by the rebel formula to deliver outcomes supported both results and proposed strategic solutions identified through the audit. 

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engagement strategy 

Strategic engagement consulting with a view of your culture, your engagement, your 1% habits, regular external stakeholder audits, regular market audits, breaking down silos to engage all three ways (horizontally, up down, down up) to ensure that you are mining your diamonds creating a win win for each stakeholder whilst driving profit to the bottom line.

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"We had been through three major market shifts in a space of 3 years - a change of shareholding, adjusting to  to align to global standards and then a shift back to what we thought our customers wanted, then the pandemic.  Diminishing results continued to plague our board room discussions rolling down in a blame culture to the bottom level of the business.  Our focus (driven by what we assumed was a slow global economy) became internal as we planned cuts and retrenchments to contain costs.  The audits unpacked our lifeline and 100% clarify on the way forward.  The results - a restructure that the market "actually" wanted, no staff retrenchments and results that started landing in month two. Very simply the economy was not the problem our culture was.

Just a warning - the team does not protect anyone, the truths they deliver as often hard, but they back up that delivery with solutions that are sometimes so simple that you realise they were there all along.  Honestly some of the other options felt like we were turning in the opposite direction of our goals, but stimulated a change that has resulted in us relooking our culture underpinned by the shift in our results.    

Lauren K.