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we know that building a network that expands both your knowledge and your contacts is invaluable.  Surrounding yourself with the right people is a conscious decision towards creating the future.

Rebelsuite has been designed as a free engagement platform that allows you to choose which session (or all!) you are interested in, book your seat all for the investment of your time - an hour every two weeks.  It is online so can be reached globally.

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Guest - Jeron van den Elshout

23rd February 2022
"Attracting and engaging the best talent using artificial intelligence"

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Guest - Amy Wolfe

11th February 2022
"Building engagement foundations to ensure ROI"

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Guest - Nicci Sanders

28th January 2022
"Digital engagement journeys - a desert or a destination?"

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Guest - Manda Doveton

10th December 2021
"The role significance plays in retaining stakeholders"

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Guest - Harry Hare

26th November 2021
"African innovation - lost in translation?"

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Guest - Farhad Suleman

12th November 2021
"Is resilience a tactic, fad or wise investment?"

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"This is a rare find in the global engagement community. I have worked with many engagement executives over the years and I find there is a lot of theory out there and not enough practical engagement experience. This is a combination of both theory and experience with a touch of the live engagement in the mix to produce quality outcomes. It cuts through the waffle and brings teams together to collaborate to get the results they need.

Brian D. Commercial Director