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we specialise in engagement

We help businessesĀ define,Ā createĀ andĀ alignĀ theĀ significance ofĀ their stakeholder engagement.


Significant stakeholder engagement is the lifeblood of your business.

Your bottom line reflects how well your current engagement strategy is doing. 

How well you are connecting human to human.

Technology, distance, economics, government policies, global change, revenue targets are all irrelevant if your culture is not focused on creating significance in every stakeholder relationship.

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Do any of these statements resonate?

  • Strategic leadership decisions are being made on assumption vs. fact.
  • Sales are being driven by turnover targets vs. customer needs and identified pain points.
  • You have become a market follower rather than a cutting-edge market leader with a reputation for innovation, agility, and exceptional customer experience.
  • Your competitors are growing because they’re maximizing the opportunities you’re missing.
  • You're losing key staff when you should be growing and retaining the best, gaining a reputation for skill and expertise.
  • Diminished reputation vs. rockstar respect.

your 3 stage journey looks like this...


We listen, audit what we have heard and unpack the perception.


We connect with stakeholders, we test and deliver the reality.


We design solutions, engage with stakeholders, and measure traction. 

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We understand that engagement is not a standalone interaction in your business.

It encompasses every single touchpoint – end to end.  We also understand that every business is different making each engagement journey unique. 

This has driven us to craft solutions for you that will take you from wherever you are currently and propel you into your next level of engagement.  

Your only decision is whether you want to do it on your own or let us do it with you.  

With this in mind we, have created a variety of solutions you can choose from allowing us to support you effectively.  

rebel solutions

fly solo

We give you the frameworks, support, and resources to build an engagement strategy on your own using the same tools and structure that our consulting team use.

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bring in the experts

A team of consultants will engage with you and your stakeholders directly taking your team across the finish line supported by in-depth analysis, feedback, and reporting.  

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participate in person

Unique immersive experiences designed to facilitate engagement, collaboration, and innovation on three different platforms from open access to an exclusive invitation.

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perhaps you don't need help with your engagement strategy but are looking for a community that drives significant business engagement?

our community creates a difference personally and professionally across multiple industries

our community

Become a member, a contributor or an advisor of a professional community connected by design to innovate, ideate, create and disrupt. 

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