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engagement in a box

a DIY solution designed for you!  

creating significant engagement strategies delivering profit and sustainability

As Engagement Specialists we understand the complexities around the what, where, how, when and why of Engagement?

It is how we developed our proven formula that underpins everything we do.  What we box is designed  specifically for you, because we understand that it’s not always possible for a specialist consultant to guide you through designing the maps that make up the different journeys in your Stakeholder Engagement strategy.

For this reason, we have developed DIY options using the same methodology that our specialists use.

Every Box we we create for you is filled with both the tools and the strategy, as well as the tactics clearly outlined to ensure that you can create meaningful engagement in as short a time as possible and don't have to go through the challenges we encountered. 

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Do any of these statements resonate?

"I have just been told by a customer that we have dropped the ball, we don't communicate and we don't follow through!  All these things our team should be doing as a matter of course - these are normal business practices."

“I have to launch a new product and whilst I have a sales team, I have no idea where to start so feel stuck. We have a few new products and services and I have to make each one land and deliver. I’m not sure where they sit in our products/services basket as we are already active in the market so how do I position them to ensure we reach our targets?”

“We want to do business with a company that is based on a partnership not just a transaction. We need them to understand our business, our challenges, our pain points and not just walk in here with the intention to sell me something then leave.”

“We are losing customers, revenue is diminishing and all I hear is that the economy is bad, decisions are not being made yet I know that our competitors are expanding under the same conditions?”

"I am launching a new division and have a very limited runway, so need to know how to leverage every part of my business to achieve the results that I have committed to." 

These are all verbatim pain points

from people that The Rebel Element have helped.  All their challenges were created due to lack of significant engagement.  

So if you resonate in full or just partially you are not alone.

It was in response to these customers that we designed a framework that creates agility, whilst working through an iterative process to ensure that when our consultants start they are not constantly having to return to the beginning, but can build momentum from the start, whilst building significance with all the stakeholders involved.

The framework is underpinned by our Rebel Formula - which is the result of 40+ years of engagement experience 

Very simply our goal is to get you from start to finish in 3 stages each with 3 steps.


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so why the boxes?

We know that people and their situations are unique

Some people will be at the beginning of their Engagement journey, others will be undoing part of their Engagement journey and changing direction, some will be auditing their Engagement.  

Some people will be part of large corporations responsible for large budgets.  Some people will be solopreneurs and have limited resources.  Other people will have limited knowledge but have a  mission to learn.

The hard truth is that significant stakeholder engagement is reflected in the profits that you declare.  

It is the measure of how significantly you are engaging with your stakeholders!

So we set ourselves a challenge to make engagement accessible to everyone and so the boxes were launched.

the benefits of the boxes

  • You will learn a methodology that you can engage with and use time and time again

  • We teach tactics and strategies that are supported by a range of tools that cater to different learning styles - Video, Print, Audio with workbooks that show you how and then leave you with templates that you can copy, personalise and make your own.
  • A defined goal that is set with measureable output to keep all the stakeholders on track

  • We have defined processes that will ensure that no step is forgotten as you focus on unpacking both you and your stakeholders perspective,  pain points and discover opportunities that create a win-win for all.

  • Checklists and formats that you can use time and time again.

We have even added in options that you allow you to choose which kind of learning environment works for you or suits your budget.

  • Option 1 - Solo Approach - you work through the content in the Box on demand,  at your own pace creating significant value for you and your environment.
  • Option 2 - Group Coaching - you join a group of like minded individuals and work with a Specialist Engagement Performance Coach for 10 x 1 hour sessions (Monday to Friday) for 4 weeks to unpack your Box with the goal to crossing the finish line with learnings that have been checked throughout the 4 weeks.  You join a new community that will walk the journey with you throughout the Coaching period.
  • Option 3 - 1 on 1 Coaching Approach - you and your team (*) are individually coached for 10 x 1 hour sessions (Monday to Friday) for 4 weeks to unpack your Box whilst ensuring that you cross the finish line with significant value specifically tailored to your business.

(*) - A team is not a pre-requisite and if you would like to do this 1 on 1 it is your choice.  If you choose to have your team join you - a maximum of 8 people is permitted.

the solutions

Box #1

The foundation that every business interested in increasing profit should use to underpin their Engagement.

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Box #2

The speed solution for every business looking to launch a new product/service and create immediate engagement.

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Box #3

The solution for every business wanting to understand their stakeholders perspective from another" seat at the table.

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"This is a rare find in the global engagement community. I have worked with many engagement executives over the years and I find there is a lot of theory out there and not enough practical engagement experience. This is a combination of both theory and experience with a touch of the live engagement in the mix to produce quality outcomes. It cuts through the waffle and brings teams together to collaborate to get the results they need.

Brian D. Commercial Director